Hydraulic Repair


Innovia Manufacturing repairs, rebuilt, re manufactures, services and replaces all brands of hydraulic valves, pumps, cylinders, motors and actuators.

No matter what failure your hydraulics or pneumatics encounter, our factory trained hydraulic technicians are at your service. From minor seal replacements to complete overhauls, our fluid power specialists resurface all contact points and replace bearings and seals with only the best parts available on the market.

All hydraulics undergo extensive testing, including pressure tolerance and specification checks so that your facility’s hydraulics will be working efficiently for years to come.

Hydraulic Repair Process

Phase I Log in and Evaluation
Ship us your repair and we will receive it and log it into our system. Once it’s logged in a unique bar-code is generated specifically for your unit. You may track your unit throughout the entire process using our Repair Portal. Next, a technician performs an evaluation and produces a list of parts necessary to complete the job. Within 24 hours a quote is then created and sent to you for approval via email or fax. We will also follow up with a phone call to confirm that you received the repair quote. No work will be performed without your approval.

Phase II Approval, Repair, Testing and Cleaning
After receiving approval of the quote, the repair process begins and a technician is assigned to acquire any necessary parts and begin the repairs. We troubleshoot to component level using industry leading testing equipment. The test equipment is used to look for electronic signatures from familiar components to ascertain the component’s condition. If we suspect the component to be faulty, or if it is considered a high failure rate part, it will be replaced. We use the most effective test equipment, test stations, stands, racks, load testing and simulation stations so that your unit receives full function testing. After the item is repaired, it is tested under load conditions to ensure peak performance. Once testing is completed your repair progresses to one of our revolutionary cleaning stations. We use a wide variety of cleaners that are formulated to safely clean electronics, when necessary units are degreased and oil traces are removed. After your unit has been thoroughly cleaned, it may be necessary to move to our state of the art oven room that is specifically designed for moisture drying. This ensures the unit is completely dry and ready for installation when you receive it.

Phase III Quality Assurance and Shipping
Before your unit is ready to ship it must be approved by one of our quality assurance personnel. Upon quality approval, your repair is prepped for return shipment. We use anti static shipping supplies on all exposed electronics and follow OEM standards in return shipping. When necessary, spray foam is used to ensure the best protection. Rest assure that your unit will be packed in a box that is rated correctly to safely make the journey back to you, extra heavy items will be packed in a double wall box. If your unit is heavier than small package travel allows, it will be freighted back. We use quality pallets that are weight rated for your repaired unit and they are wrapped, covered, banded and/or bolted to ensure safe travel. To assure safe keeping some units are shipped in standard or custom made crates which are determined by the size and shape of the unit. The best of care is applied while packaging your unit to ensure that it remains undamaged and ready to be installed.

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