CNC Plasma Cutting

Heavy Duty Industrial Plasma CNC Cutting Machine


The PG14 Series Gantry Cutting Machines provide the ultimate solution to a wide variety of cutting widths and lengths.  At Innovia Manufacturing we can handle all your CNC cutting needs


Key Machine Features                                                                          

    • Large Beam and Protected Dual Linear Ways Ensure Accuracy and Durability
    • Cutting Widths up to 14′ (PG-14)
    • Dual Side Drive with AC Brushless Servos and Precision Planetary Gearboxes
    • Heavy Duty Machined Rails with Tongue-in-Groove for Precise Alignment
    • Optional ‘Tucked Rail’ Designs for Reduced Floor Space and Improved Loading/Unloading
    • Automatic Torch Spacing
      ALLtra CNC


Cutting Process Stations

  • Hypertherm HPR XD Series (licensed for Hypertherm TrueHole™ )
  • Kaliburn Spirit 275/400
  • Oxyfuel Cutting Stations
    • Auto Height Control, Auto Ignition, CNC Auto Gas Control
  • Single Axis Bevel Stations for Straight Line Beveling
  • Dual Axis Bevel Station for Four Sided Beveling
  • Full Contour Bevel Stations
  • ALLtra Cutting Stations


CNC Plasma Cutting has become a popular way of metal cutting. This is mainly attributed to the costs involved and because of the great precision that is able to be achieved through this process

This method of cutting is an inexpensive process for high yield production, high material utilization with accuracy and quality.

Our CNC plasma cutting machine cuts up to 3/8″ aluminum, 1/2″ steel plate, 3/8″ stainless steel and many other metals.

From simple to complex jobs.. We have the knowledge, experience and progressive technology to complete your projects in just one stop!!


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